Episode 9: Pablo Pigasso and the Erotic Lamp (Standard Edition)

The latest podcast is now available for your listening pleasure! Episode 9: Pablo Pigcasso and the Erotic Lamp (Standard Edition) features Ribs and Neil talking about the pig who can paint, porcine raves and bat discos, erotic lamps, phone zombies, and the unfortunate case of a man in a sticky situation. Bonus feature this week – a sketch about Pablo Pigcasso.

And the stories were:

Banana Blossom: The Next Vegan Food Star With The Texture Of Fish
E-Stroller Takes The Pressure Off Parents To Push
Stonehenge ‘Raves’ Drew Britons From As Far As Scotland
Dalí’s ‘Erotic Lampshades’ Are Saved For The Nation
New Spider Named After Star Wars Stormtroopers
Huge Fire Breaks Out At Crematorium In Southern Germany
Viewers Have Fallen In Love With A ‘Marie Kondo’ Mouse Caught Tidying Up On Camera
Tel Aviv Deploys ‘Zombie Lights’ For Mobile-Obsessed Walkers
Dad Bombarded With Birthday Messages After Sons’ Billboard Prank
Pigcasso The Painting Pig’s Artwork Sells For Thousands
Snoring Row Led To Non-Fatal Shooting
Phone Turned To Dust To Help Recycling Bid
Move Over, Mcdonald’s: French Taco Poised For Global Expansion
Rare Tiny Bat Discovered In Caves In Wiltshire
Bungling Would-Be Burglar Chased Away By Up To 80,000 Angry Bees
Philip Hammond Pledges £200m To Place UK At Forefront Of Tech Revolution
Lollipop Lady, 86, Refuses To Retire
Man Uses Gherkin Juice To Free Himself After Super-Gluing Naked Bum To Bar Counter

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