Episode 8: Barbara Cartland’s Magic Acorn

In this episode we chat around a number of news stories, including Barbara Cartland’s Magic Acorn (not a euphemism), ideas to spruce up your next text message courtesy of the Cerne Abbas Giant, the right way to eat pineapple, and the Case of the Mistaken Identity featuring A.N.Other Hipster. Here’s the full list of stories:

How To Eat A Pineapple: It Looks Like We’ve Been Doing It All Wrong
Ikea Launches A Flat-Pack Chocolate Bunny For Easter
Flat Earth: Conspiracist’s Shock Game Of Thrones Claim Over ‘200ft Ice Wall’ Revealed
SpaceX Crew Dragon Returns To Earth In Atlantic Splashdown
This Diver In South Africa Ended Up Inside A Whale, And Survived
Scientists Believe It’s ‘Highly Likely’ They Have Identified A New Species Of Orca
Coin Collector Murder Accused ‘Amazed’ By Collection
Is £15 Too Much For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee?
Thatcher And The Magic Acorn: Iron Lady’s Use Of Dubious Remedies Revealed
Eight-Year-Old Hospital Patient Uses Miniature Tesla To Drive To Surgery
Cerne Abbas Giant’s Manhood Given Floral Makeover
Vegan Pie Scoops Top Award And Causes Outrage Among Culinary Elite
Vegan Campaigners Criticise NHS For Lack Of Plant-Based Milk In Healthy Start Scheme
Man Angry His Photo Was Used To Prove All Hipsters Look Alike — Then Learns It Wasn’t Him
Barbie At 60: How Well Do You Really Know The Plastic Fantastic Doll?

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