Episode 7: Ma’am on Gram and the Small Print Bonus

A change in format for this episode – gone are the daft characters and improv games (boo, hiss), but in their place is more personality (ours, obviously). This was in response to feedback we received from radio listeners, who were apparently sometimes confused by our improvised sketches. Our plan is to do some scripted sketches in future episodes, if and when we can find the time to write and rehearse them.

This week we chat around a number of weird news stories, including uses for that oversized jumper your nan made, what the Queen should be putting on Instagram, fast food addicted swans, why you should always read the small print, and how much Dill knows about coke floats.

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

Villagers Knit Jumpers For Indian Elephants
Cockroach Prank Plagues School
The Queen Posts on Instagram For First Time
Adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, 74, Sleeps In His Ford Mondeo Instead Of Hotels
Woman Reads Fine Print On Insurance Policy, Wins $10,000 In Hidden Contest
Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants No Longer Have To Wear Makeup
Vets Inundated With Offers To Knit Guinea Pig Jumpers
Gnome Maker May Go Under
Roadkill Cornish Pasty On Menu
Milk-Coke Concoction Is Baffling People
Children To Study Doctor Who Theme Tune In BBC Ten Pieces
Swans Addicted To Fast Food Have Been Running To Town To Get Their Fatty Fix

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