Episode 6: Celery Shots and the Legal Beavers

It’s here – Episode 6: Celery Shots and the Legal Beavers – in which we discuss the contents of the Oscars gift bags, the new Bake Off contestants, the health-giving properties of massive celery shots, find out why the hologram Amy Winehouse tour has been postponed and discover that water makes people wet. We also test out the latest self-tying shoes and hear the most ridiculous excuses for speeding ever invented. And finally… why beavers are now legal. It’s all here in Episode Six!

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

Scottish Government To Give Beavers Protected Status
The Line-up For The Great Celebrity Bake Off 2019 Is Incredible
Oscars Gift Bags To Include Cannabis Skin Cream And Grinning Toilet Brush
The Pathetic Excuses Used By Drivers Breaking The Law This Weekend, Including A ‘Smelly Nappy’
Put On A Print With Punch!
Bricked Self-Lacing Shoes Showcase 21st Century First-World Problems
Amy Winehouse Hologram Tour Postponed Due to ‘Unique Challenges’
Church Bells To Warn Of Floods In Devon Village
You Gotta Roll With It (in The Guardian)
Could You Swallow The New Fad For Celery Juice?
Wyoming County Will Open A School To Serve A Single Student

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