Episode 5: Pull Tudder One and Fencing With Light Sabers

Episode 5! Lots of fun this week with light sabers, dating apps for cows, evil roast dinners and Dolly Parton’s wardrobe assistant. There’s one thing you can definitely say about our show – it’s guaranteed to be unique content you won’t find anywhere else. (Perhaps there’s a reason for that… (maybe Ribs’s love of ellipses (or her love of parentheses).)

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

9 To 5 The Musical London
Not In My Baaack Yard! 200 Sheep Pile Into Bewildered Man’s Garden
Lightsaber Dueling Has Become An Official Sport In France
Karl Lagerfeld, Pioneering Fashion Designer, Has Died
Tudder: The Tinder For Cattle Helping Cows Meet Their Ideal Bull
Men Convicted For Stealing Free Newspapers In The First Case Of Its Kind
Parents’ Anger Over Fortnite Live Norwich Festival
Why MPs Are Considering Putting A Tax On New Clothes
Anne Hathaway Is Doing Her Bit To Save Planet (from The Week)
NatWest Call Handler Told Customer: ‘Vegans Should Be Punched In The Face’
Boy, 14, Hatches A Duckling From A Waitrose Egg

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