Episode 4: David Attenborough 2.0 and the Dirty Hand Gang

Episode 4 and we’re now in iTunes! Another hour and a half recording, so it seems that three times the length of the podcast is how long it takes to record. Not too bad.

By the way, if you have somehow missed this fact – before the podcast drops (I believe that’s what all the cool kids are saying), the show airs on 105.9 Academy FM Folkestone at 6pm every Saturday. Our radio show comes with bonus music tracks that Ribs does terrible intros for and actual news for balance.

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

Fox News Host Says He Hasn’t Washed Hands In 10 Years
George Michael’s Art Collection Is Up For Auction
Kate Middleton Stuns On BAFTAs Red Carpet
Help Toads Cross The Road
Mike Ashley Makes Surprise Bid For Patisserie Valerie
Who Could Succeed David Attenborough When He Retires?
Oodles Of Poodles: Choosing A Dog Has Never Been So Confusing
Beer Before Wine? It Makes No Difference To A Hangover
Driver Crashed Car ‘Swerving To Avoid Octopus’
Last Local Paper Shuts So Elderly Ring MP For News

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