Episode 2: Cardigan-Wearing Sharks and the Super Poo Donor

So, episode two! We had some serious technical problems this week – having spent three hours recording the show in the radio studio, it was somehow lost forever. This meant we had to re-record it on the Saturday before the show aired, so while it’s still improv, we had already done it once. We didn’t have notes though, so it’s still pretty much made up.

We were also asked to play more songs during the radio show, so the podcast is shorter as a result.

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

Death Of Count Of Paris Sparks Pretend Game Of Thrones In France
New Fitness Craze Comes To Kent From Northern Europe
Fizz Free February Begins
Leeds Company Helping The ‘Brexit Preppers’ Stockpile Over No Deal Fears
How To Wear: Brown On Brown
British Mother Becomes First Woman To Descend Cresta Run
Lego Bricks Outshine Gold Bars As Investments
“Super Poo Donors” Wanted
Angel Shark: One Of World’s Rarest Species Spotted Near Wales
British Motorists ‘Not Prepared For Snow And Ice’

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