Episode 13: Danny Dyer’s Roommate and the Heavy Metal Cardigan

Episode 13 is here! This week we chat about Heavy Metal Knitting Championships, how to raise one eyebrow, the daring rescue of the sweat bees, an homage to Victoria Wood via a story about bathing in crude oil, and how nice Danny Dyer is to animals.

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This week’s stories were:

Feeling Low On Energy? Have A Bath In A Barrel Of Crude Oil
In ‘FUCT’ Fashion Brand Case, Justices Avoid Saying Word
Donegal Road Renamed To R2D2 In Tribute To Star Wars Character
New York Driver Crashes After Seeing Spider In Car
Human Face Evolved To Help Us Communicate Emotions, Scientists Say ‘There’s The Bad Guy!’: Oregon Police Discover Home Intruder Is A Roomba
Heavy Metal Knitting Championship To Launch In Finland This Year
Taiwan Doctor Finds Four Sweat Bees Living Inside Woman’s Eye
Dogs ‘Are Cleaner Than Bearded Men,’ Study Shows
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says He Eats Only One Meal A Day 
Squawk Of Fame? Seagull Enthusiasts Do Their Best Bird Impressions As They Compete In The First European Gull Screeching Championship In Belgium
Cassowary Attack: Giant Bird Kills Owner In Florida After He Fell
EastEnders Hardman Danny Dyer Refuses To Kill Bugs Because He Says They Have ‘Families’ And ‘Would Be Missed’
Cornwall Tourism Chief Takes BBC Weather Presenters To Task For Blocking Out Its Sunshine
Woman On Trial In Catalonia For Attempting To Murder Husband With ‘Natillas’
Coffee Beans Not Vital For Human Survival, Switzerland Decides

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