Episode 12: Never Accept An Acorn From A Squirrel With A Pained Expression

Episode 12* is here for your aural pleasure! This week we chat about the art of slow looking, how kitchen walls have eyes, why you should never accept an acorn from a squirrel with a pained expression, how butterflies thwarted Donald Trump and another 14 other extremely important** news items.

*how have we been doing this for 3 months already?
**level of importance depends on your perspective.

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This week’s stories were:

The Man Who Invented Paint-By-Numbers Has Died At The Age Of 93
Brexit Protest: Nude Environmental Protesters Storm Public Gallery During Commons Debate
Teens ‘Not Damaged By Screen Time’, Study Finds
Tate Modern Publishes Guide To “Slow Looking” As Gallery Visitors Now Spend Just Eight Seconds Looking At Works
How Deliveroo’s ‘Dark Kitchens’ Are Catering From Car Parks
Fortnite: Is Prince Harry Right To Want Game Banned?What IS My Password? Britons Forget Their Security Information Once A Fortnight, Researchers Say
Clean Flush: Sidmouth Fatberg Vanquished After Seven Weeks
These New Vending Machines Print Out Free Short Stories For Commuters
Big Cat ‘Size Of Alsatian’ Caught On Camera In Cornwall Days After ‘Panther’ Sighting
Uni Pals Survive Heat, Starvation, Storms And Infection In 21-Day NAKED Jungle Stint
Student, 21, Reveals She Makes £1.5k A Month Selling Her Used Underwear Online
Woman With Rare Genes Feels No Pain
Street Cannabis ‘Contains Dangerous Amount Of Faecal Matter’
Pet Cats Know Their Names They Just Sometimes Prefer To Ignore You
Want To Know How Long You’ll Live? Just Stand On One Leg With Your Eyes Shut!
Florida Python: Massive Pregnant Snake Caught Using New Approach
The Butterflies That Could Stop Trump’s Wall

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