Episode 11: Fish Slime and Laundry Sniffing

Another week, another episode. In the eleventh instalment of the And Finally… podcast, we chat about the lighter news stories of the week, including why being slimed might be a good thing, how to get paid to stay in bed, why headless cats are washing up on a French beach, the rising cost of funerals, and why the Pope is a bit cagey about people trying to kiss his ring. Plus, Ribs goes all street and speaks in urban slang (a true joy to behold).

This week’s sketch about the cost of funereal stone-masonry was written by Ribs. She wrote it years ago and realised just before recording that the dates reflected this. So, some hasty edits to the sketch were done on the spot, which is why there is some – not entirely inappropriate – corpsing.

This week’s stories were:

NASA Is Paying People $19,000 To Stay In Bed For 2 Months
German DIY Firm’s ‘Racist’ Advert
Keeping Up With The Insta-Joneses! 
Retailers Urged To Crack Down On Early Easter Egg Sales
Pope Explains Reluctant Ring Kiss: Fear Of Spreading Germs
Police Go Street: Officers Urged To Learn Slang Such As ‘Wagwan’ And ‘Gwop’
Breath-Test Pregnant Women To See If They Smoke, Study Suggests
Fish Slime: An Answer To Antibiotic Resistance?
Funeral Providers Face Government Crackdown To Protect Vulnerable Families From Being Ripped Off
Garfield Phone Mystery Solved In Brittany – 35 Years Later
Ukraine Election: Comedian Leads Presidential Contest
Nicolas Cage Files For Annulment With New Bride After Surprise Marriage
How Just LOOKING At A Coffee Can Give You A Kick!
Faked ‘Fairy’ Photographs From A Famous 20th-Century Hoax Could Fetch $90,000 At Auction
No Word Of A Lie: Scientists Rate The World’s Biggest Peddlers Of Bull
Batman Is Turning 80. Fighting Crime Must Pay.

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