Episode 10: Cher’s Old Vest and the Unattended Library Book

Episode 10! Double figures already. In this bumper episode – edging back up towards the 60-minute mark – we discuss all manner of daft news stories including how mothers know best, bed hopping (not as exciting as it sounds), Cher’s missing ancient vest, a plague of toads, a nest of rattlesnakes, the return of Chris Rhea the rhea, the wonder-underwater restaurant, and the dangers faced by unattended library books (presented in sketch form).

This week’s sketch, starring a paperback and hardback book was written by Sally Allen.

And these are the stories that started us off:

Cher Has Lost Her Favourite T-Shirt She’s Been Wearing For Over 30 Years
Man Admits He And Partner Swap Sides Of Bed Every Night
Man Tries To Board Flight Naked
Mum’s The Word – Brits Shun Internet For Advice From Their Mothers
Alaska Man Who Tracks Down Stolen Vehicles Is No Longer Allowed To Chase Them
Texas Snake Remover Responds To Report Of A ‘Few’ Snakes, Finds 45 Rattlesnakes
Shared Space Schemes Must Be Halted, Mayor’s Commissioner Told
‘Ostrich’ Causes Traffic Chaos After Crossing A12 In Essex
Discovery In A Dump Uncovers £10k Of Churchill’s Own Possessions
Fears Computers And Books Will Not Be Safe Inside Library
Avocado Recall In 6 States Over Listeria Concerns
Prison Inmates Using Dead Rats To Smuggle Drugs Into Jail
Huge Fossil Discovery Made In China’s Hubei Province
Have Dinner In The World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant
Plague Of Poisonous Toads Infest Suburban Florida Neighbourhood
Does Prolonged Sitting Really Kill 70,000 People A Year In The UK?

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