Episode 1: Phil the Pheasant and the Flat Earth Cruisers

Behold, the first episode of And Finally… with Ribs & Dill. Please forgive the editing quality – we’re learning as we go.

So what exactly is And Finally…? I’m glad you asked. And Finally… is a weekly improvised news show. We trawl the globe (and many news apps) for the funniest news stories and then do our best to make them even funnier. All the stories and characters are exaggerated for comedic effect. Using an original news story as a starting point, each segment of the show is improvised on the spot and recorded in one take, with no editing.

“Improvised” is the key word here – we haven’t written scripts (even though Ribs really, really wanted to), we’ve just made stuff up on the spot. Some of the things we made up are pretty funny, others not so much. That’s the nature of improv. We hope you enjoy it and come back to listen again next week (or listen live on February 2nd 18:00-20:00).

In this episode we improvise around the following news stories:

Town Centre Kidnapping Training Scenario Sparks Armed Police Response
Police Pick Up Two Penguins Stolen From A Zoo
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Children Eat Fast Food And Pizza
Mum Gave Litter Police Fake Name Of Regina Phalange
Crumbs! Judge Deems Brownie A Cake
Meet Welt, The Smart Belt That Tells You If You’re Eating Too Much
‘Ancient’ Stone Circle In Scotland Turns Out To Be A 1990s Replica
HMRC Lists The Weirdest Excuses For Filing Late Tax Returns
Clare Waight Keller Gave Us “Perverse Posh” Menswear At Givenchy
This $800 Robot Suitcase Will Follow You Around Airports
Phil The Pheasant A ‘Terror’ To Norwich Residents
Burglar Caught After Leaving DNA On Ice Cream Tub
All Aboard The Flat Earth Cruise
Muntjac Deer And Grey Squirrels Dubbed ‘Illegal Aliens’ Under Brexit Crackdown
M&S Brings Back Traditional Greengrocers

One last point: Dill is Neil David Alexander Dillon, in case that’s not obvious. Ribs is Ribs Norman, which is obvious. We both hate our voices. That is all.

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